The challenges of short-term rental management


If you have looked into the business of short-term and vacation rentals, you’ll know that the potential for enjoying a high and regular income is considerable. However, you’ve also probably worked out that managing it alone is a full-time job.


Perhaps you’ve hired a local property manager who hasn’t been managing your bookings to a high standard and this has shown in your reviews?


Or you feel as if you’re being overcharged for a management service? And they don’t have a pricing strategy in place, so you end up losing even more revenue.


Maybe you’ve decided to self-manage your vacation rentals, but have found that staying on top of marketing and technology is a full-time job, and that’s even before your guests have arrived!



At Apollo property management, we are dedicated to helping property owners and investors maximize short-term rental opportunities and enjoy a hassle-free income.


We are a young, family-owned, and rapidly expanding property investment and management company, focused on providing high quality, fully-furnished leisure and corporate short-stay rentals across the United States.


We are committed to pioneering new innovations and solutions for short-term rentals which allows us to offer you a broader vision of the market and stay on target to deliver financial success to partners.

What you can expect when you work with us

  • Smart vacation rental solutions that maximize cash flow
  • Exceeding ROI expectations
  • A genuine passion to deliver the best in-house guest experience
  • 24/7 available team
  • In-house interior decorator available at discounted rate if we are your property manager
  • Smart pricing strategy:

    Our Smart Pricing Technology makes sure you get top dollar for your property based on neighborhood occupancy, seasonality, demand, holidays, and dozens of other factors.


We rank higher than our competition, have a better conversion rate and a higher quality of reviews. Which all combines to achieve higher revenues and longer booking lead time at higher ADRs