About Us

Apollo Property Management is a full-service short-term rental management service with a mission to unify the finest vacation rentals across the United States: homes that deliver on quality, design, first-class amenities and comfort.


As our guest you can expect the ultimate in-house guest experience for every stay.


We don’t do average!

Our Team

Apollo Property Management was founded by a team of seasoned hospitality professionals who shared a passion for delivering exceptional guest experiences in the world’s most sought-after vacation destinations.

Greg Bekkers

As the CEO of Apollo Property Management, I bring my expertise in real estate and hospitality to provide unparalleled luxury vacation rental experiences for our clients.

Thomas Bekkers

As the CTO of Apollo Property Management, I leverage my technical background and passion for innovation to create seamless and efficient property management systems for our team and clients.

Andrea Martin Del Campo

As Apollo’s in-house interior decorator, Andrea ensures that all our properties are set up in the best way to maximize ROI. She specializes in short term rental interior decorating and has decorated all of our properties.

Natasha Bekkers

As COO of Apollo Property Management, Natasha manages our team to ensure that daily operations are running at the highest quality. Making sure that we are providing the highest quality customer service as well as taking care of each house individually.